Wednesday, November 5, 2008



TUVONLINE Video Game! Who Got the Mack Game Down!

So Tuvonline asked me to test my game my mack game that is so I said yes! it's a game where they give us test like getting a girl number in 2 min.. or getting a kiss well I want up against Birdman the kappa from Drexel find out who wins and won game ain't down packed! Brandy Staton da Pr vs. Birdman the Kappa check out the video and tell who you think won this Game!

HERE IS THE LINK! CHECK OUT THE Trailer till the rest is up later!



AND JUST TO LET YALL KNOW WE WAS BOTH SINGLE WHEN WE DID THIS VIDEGAME TUVONLINE JUST TOOK MAD LONG TO POST THE DAMN THING UP!! Lies or truth? what a site it's a site for the lies, truth and bull shit! this site tells it all some are lies just to start up a mess and some are the truth that well keep you coming back for more it's college students just tell all your business at your school! you can type in your college and read all the juicy stuff people gotta say about each other or they can be talking about YOU check it out I dare you I know i'm on there!

Next Events Coming up! ((Next Week))

So you know i'm still on my grind with this College tour next stop is West Chester University & Rosemont College! make sure you come out to both of these events they gonna be poppin!



love is in the Air!

I mean I was so into this Cd! this is a freak Cd for real so ladies and Gents get your Freak on People get ya Freak on! Let me know what you thank about this Mix Cd what is it missing what should they take Off let me know!

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Primeval Love

I Can't Stop Loving You!

So Yeah Have not wrote about a girl in a long ass time the last girl I wrote about was Pink lips she knows who she is then again that was the last person I said I love you too but I guess that didn't sit well with her so I left it alone till I left her alone but just when I was on the roll of going back to work no more woman mood she stopped me right in my spot HB message "I got a crush on you" lol you know me I said yeah ok then kept it moving son then a few weeks later same person hit me back up I found out who she was after she told me we chilled with each other one night and it was a wrap after that she had me smiling joking with me making me feel something I have not got a hold of in a very long time LOVE but not the in love stage the I smile when your around stage the I can't wait to do for you and see you stage the I gotta wife you up stage! so here I am now........

This song is for you babe!

I Cant Stop Loving You (Radio Edit) - Kem

I think about the day I met the perfect stranger
I think about us
And I think about the day I got wrapped around your finger
I think about us

The sun was shining on you
The Lord was smiling on me
And love was calling us
I had my mind made up