Wednesday, November 5, 2008

I Can't Stop Loving You!

So Yeah Have not wrote about a girl in a long ass time the last girl I wrote about was Pink lips she knows who she is then again that was the last person I said I love you too but I guess that didn't sit well with her so I left it alone till I left her alone but just when I was on the roll of going back to work no more woman mood she stopped me right in my spot HB message "I got a crush on you" lol you know me I said yeah ok then kept it moving son then a few weeks later same person hit me back up I found out who she was after she told me we chilled with each other one night and it was a wrap after that she had me smiling joking with me making me feel something I have not got a hold of in a very long time LOVE but not the in love stage the I smile when your around stage the I can't wait to do for you and see you stage the I gotta wife you up stage! so here I am now........

This song is for you babe!

I Cant Stop Loving You (Radio Edit) - Kem

I think about the day I met the perfect stranger
I think about us
And I think about the day I got wrapped around your finger
I think about us

The sun was shining on you
The Lord was smiling on me
And love was calling us
I had my mind made up

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New New said...

Aww baby i love you too!!!