Monday, February 23, 2009

This Just In Some Hot Shit for ya Ears!!!!

Artist Fese Drops a New Song Call to the top featuring lloyd & lil'wayne this shit is HOT! would I lie to you Hell NO... Check it out and Tell me what you think!!! this Song is off his New Mixtape coming out March 20th 2009!!!! Get that shit!!! for real i'll kill you lol....

And don't for get you Heard it 1st at See you at the Next Party lol..

Sunday, February 22, 2009

This Weeek I'm Goning all OUT!!! 27th SJU and 28th at Samba!

Yes we about to get it in!!! this Friday at SJU the Best Party ever!!! and then what yall been waiting for the My school Goes Hard Party at Club Samba Night Club!!! come rep ya College!!!!

Next Parties Coming up! 20th & 21st

VS SAMBA.mp3 -

My Vday want like this!!!

1st I start out by doing alot for my girl then to Host my party at Samba the very 1st saturday at samba!

This Saturday at Samba Night Club Blame it on the Alcohol! A brandy staton da pr & Pr da rockstar Event!

Brandy Samba feb 14.mp3 -

My Last Party at Transit Night Club

I had a blast at Transit by throwing the best party's Yall ever seen the 1st Black and Gray party, My birthday bash, CU vs LU after party to the game,Let that B&*$, Philly meet Jersey,E.Ness, & last Stop 80's Party but I had to go Off and do my own thing so for Now on i'm at Samba Making shit pop!!! and working on the things you hate at samba!!! the long lines etc...

I GOT 5 ON IT >>My Five Year Anniversary For Throwing Party's for 5 Years<<

It was a Blast! Can't wait til my 6 Year baby! See what you Missed!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

The Pictures from Cheyney University is Up!

I'm just wanna say 1st off i'm sorry for the people that did not get in or to the people that got hurt it's not far for people that just want to come out and enjoy a night with they friends at school or from back home because people want to mess things up they are not just making there self look bad they are making there school, family & friends look bad. We all know how the News can twist up the truth they made the school look bad the people throwing the event look bad the host look bad they just made things look bad and who ever posted the youtube video YOU look bad to. I really wanted to have a safe and fun night at Cheyney but people don't know how to act!!!! here are the pictures of what we could get until people messed it up for everyone!