Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Yes Brandy Staton Da Pr New Artist off her Music Group PR Music Group in Brandy eye's his the next to come! just read his Bio and check out his Music!

Jean-David Aime, Jr. was born in Manhattan, New York and was raised in Rochdale Village in South Jamaica, Queens. When assigned a poem or song for a D.A.R.E. project in the 6th grade, JDA wrote his first verse ever. Though it was meant as a joke, he realized the talent he had for putting words together. From that point on, JD continued to perform rap lyrics for various class assignments and to entertain his friends and classmates, ironic since he came from an old-fashioned Caribbean family that looked down on the genre and never allowed him to listen to it. When he moved to Northeastern Pennsylvania in his freshman year of high school, he was in a bit of a depression because he had to leave the city he knew and loved, so he put his hobby to the side. It wasn't until his sophomore year that he picked up the habit again when he ran into his boy Marcus, future partner in their group 2-Thorough, in a music studies class. Marcus asked him if he ever tried rapping before, and JD told Marcus that he used to but he was rusty. So Marcus asked him to write a verse and to bring it in the next day and he'd see if he could write something to go with it. With an increased vocabulary and a bit more knowledge, JDA wrote his best verse to date. He decided it was time to pick up the pen and pad again. Now JDA, or Mr. Aime to the Sky, attends Temple University and is still going strong. He has done various shows at his high school and a couple of open mics and talent shows at Temple. Now he hopes to move on to bigger and better things with his music. Constantly bringing originality, JD tries to stay away from violent and misogynistic lyrics while still delivering powerful and witty lines that you can vibe and nod your head to. So chill out, clear your mind, and enjoy.

Aime to the Sky Mixtape


Anonymous said...

Yooo just check this dude out he has some good shit for real! I hope he keeps up the good work!

Anonymous said...

yeah his shit is right!
a young hov and wale in the making!

Tiara said...

soo im definitely diggin him, track 11 is my favorite though, track 12 is hittin' too. cant wait to hear more from him!!